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SFPTotal Mini

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Universal coding board for SFP and SFP+ transceivers. The kit includes a board Mini series and micro USB cable.

SFPTotal Mini is supported by software SFPTotal Wizard.

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SFPTotal Mini is universal coding board for SFP, SFP+ and SFP28 transceivers

SFPTotal Plus

US $980.00
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Universal four-ports coding board for GBIC, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP transceivers. The kit includes a board Plus series and micro USB cable.

SFPTotal Plus is supported by software SFPTotal Wizard.



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SFPTotal Plus is universal coding board for SFP, XFP and QSFP transceivers


SFPTotal programmers are designed for coding GBIC, SFP, SFP+, XFP and QSFP transceivers, including SFP RJ45, DAC/AOC and help to ensure compatibility with network switches of popular brands. The devices support the reprogramming of transceivers with DDM, including transceivers with write protection.

Devices are made without enclosures to provide free access to controls and jumpers of power plans, which are necessary for programming some passive and active optical cables.

Quick start

The programming board connects to PC using Micro USB cable included into the kit. A new device will be detected by operation system at first connection of the board. To get started follow next steps:

  1. Download and install SFPTotal driver
  2. Download and run a software SFPTotal Wizard

The programming board is based on proprietary protocol SFPTotal and operating through official software which provides an interface for access to main features and opportunities of device. The device does not need special settings. SFPTotal Wizard software will detect a programming board automatically when a device is connected to PC.

Sometimes for PC under OS Windows is needed a system reboot to get stable work of virtual serial port driver.

More information about SFPTotal devices can be get on SFPTotal Wiki.

Compatibility with transceivers

SFPTotal programming boards are designed in accordance with MSA SFF specifications, support the GBIC, SFP, SFP +, XFP and QSFP transceivers, and are also able to successfully reprogram the modules of most manufacturers.

The programming boards support all address spaces of transceivers (for example: A0H, A2H). That means all available memory pages of the transceiver could be read and write with special permissions.

The hardware is made with the conditions for compatibility and security of memory chips and control chip, as well as stable power supply of the transceiver circuit.

How to reprogram locked transceivers?

The programmer writes data changes with a block size of 8 bytes and a clocking speed on 10kHz for default. That is provide the most compatibility with transceivers of different manufactures. The block size and the speed rate could be changed. The unlocked transceivers can be recoded without any problem.

Write-protected transcievers could be recoded using a password, which unlocks transceiver's memory for saving new changes. SFPTotal software has a special interface to set up the params and execution a write operation with a password.

Also, the software supports a scripts able to implement difficult algorithm or save command for programming write-protected transceivers with especial programming logic differ than MSA standard. The software is able to make a password search for transceivers with unknown password.

Our technical support provides a scripts and passwords for programming transceivers of respective manufacturers.

Where get the vendor codes (firmwares)?

We have a library of vendor codes that make optical transceivers compatible with most commercially available switching equipment. Access for library of codes could be provided for free for all our customers.

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SFPTotal Wizard

Official software

Programmers are full-compatible with the software SFPTotal Wizard, which provides a convenient interface for working with memory of transceivers.

Supported OS:

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SFPTotal Wizard

Basic features

  • Read and write vendor code
  • Automatic checksum
  • Import code from file and export to the file
  • Support for the entire address space transceivers
  • Detailed parameters of the code in accordance with MSA
  • Changing the parameters of transceivers via the config-bit
  • Batch write to the memory of transceivers
  • Programming transceivers with write-protection
  • Searching password for write-protected transceivers

Security software tested VirusTotal.


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