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Universal coding board for fiber optical transceivers 200G/400G QSFP-DD, 100G QSFP28, 25G SFP28, 10G SFP+, 1.25G SFP and 10G XFP.

Programmer SFPTotal Plus X has a special port for connection double density transceivers 200G/400G form factor QSFP-DD. The port is backward compatible with 100G QSFP28 and 40G QSFP+ transceivers.

The coding board is full-compatible with SFPTotal Wizard software that provides CMIS copliant HEX editor. The kit includes a coding board Plus X series and cable USB type C for PC connection.

Plus X rev. 1.6 or above
PC Connection
USB type C
Kit includes
Coding board Plus X series, USB type C cable
Sizes, mm
130 x 130 x 15
36 months

Supported transceivers:

The coding board SFPTotal Plus X QSFP-DD is evoluted hardware design of previouse revision programmer SFPTotal Plus. It supports XFP, SFP, SFP+, QSFP+ and QSFP28 transceivers, including SFP RJ45, PON OLT SFP, SFP28 and AOC/DAC cables.

The coding board contains 20-pin SFP port (SFF-8431), 30-pin XFP port (INF-8077i), 38-pin QSFP port (SFF-8636), USB type C port and power jack to connect external power supply 5V DC for optical transceivers with high power level consumption: more than 1.5 W.

SFPTotal Plus X QSFP-DD device has an embedded software based on proprietary SFPTotal protocol and full-compatible with an official software SFPTotal Wizard, that make possible to proceed flexible coding for write-protected transceivers from diffrent manufacturers.

The hardware design provides for the presence pinouts for power supply control and access to main I/O lines of the transceiver ports, that could be required for coding hardware protected transceivers.

It contains everything needed to support multiple form factors transceivers. Simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable to get started.

Unlike the SFPTotal Plus programmer, the new revision does not contain a port for connecting GBIC form factor transceivers. GBIC port has been removed as outdated.

Compared with similar coding devices, SFPTotal Plus X has the following advantages:

  • Supports several form factors on the one coding board
  • Supports 100G, 200G and 400G transceivers in QSFP and QSFP-DD formfactors
  • Provides required power supply to connect powerful optical transceviers 1.5 W and more
  • Transceivers support doesn't limited on just one manufacturer
  • Provides access to all address spaces of transceiver memory
  • Makes possible to recode write-protected MSA transceivers
  • Supports coding with a script for non-MSA transceivers
  • Supports hardware password search for password locked transceiver
  • Has official software with friendly and convinient GUI
  • Real-time access to Digital Diagnosting Monitoring interface
  • Gives access to knowlege database and SFPTotal technical support.

SFPTotal Plus X programmer is designed to work in the following tasks:

  • Coding fiber optical and copper transceivers, DAC, AOC
  • Improving transceivers compatibility with brand network switching equipment
  • Coding write-protected transceivers variouse manufacturers
  • Access to PHY controller registers and manual configuration
  • DWDM SFP+ tunable transceiver channel control
  • Reading DDM interface and check factory presets
  • Code rebranding for OEM transceivers
  • Test platform for pre-sales preparation of transceivers

The coding board connects to PC using USB type C cable included to the kit. The operation system detects the device and intalls required Virtual Serial Port driver when device connected firstly. Follow simple steps to start:

  1. Install SFPTotal Plus X driver
  2. Download and run application SFPTotal Wizard

The SFPTotal coding board manages through official software SFPTotal Wizard which provides user interface to operate the coding board for write and read code and get access to the main features. Тhere is no preliminary configuration is required to start working with the program. SFPTotal Wizard will automatically detect original coding board connected to the PC.

After installing the driver on some versions of Windows OS, a mandatory system reboot is required for the virtual serial port driver to work correctly.

Please, follow our documentation: SFPTotal Wiki.

SFPTotal Plus X is supplied with limited functionality which makes able to test the device before use, but the write function is limited. The activation is required to make sure the device will be run by end customer, but not a dealer or an agent.

That policy makes SFPTotal able to provide the best warranty conditions and service, helps to be sure the device has not been used before sale and it will work stable for a long time. Also, when the device has been activated, we count warranty date from the moment of activation key issue, not the purchase date.

The activation key is an unique value for every coding board and associated with its serial number. The key must be applied for the coding board to remove the functionality restrictions.

The activation key includes into the SFPTotal coding board kit: it issues after purchase the device and becomes available in customer account on the website.

If you bought SFPTotal coding board through dealer and didn't get an activation key, you can sign up on the website and get an activation key for your device free.

You don't need to repeat an activation procedure for the coding board when connect to another PC or reinstall operation system. The activation makes once and it is permanent for the device.

Coding unlocked transceivers

The most optical transceivers with unlocked memory contain EEPROM chip such as 24C02 which stores informtaion about transceiver form factor, wavelength, transmission technology, speedrate, encoding type, vendor name, serial number and etc. That solution presented in a lot of cheap gigabit transceivers and DAC which don't support DDM function. The memory of those transceivers can be rewritten normally without any restriction from the transceiver.

In such transceivers, as a rule, only the A0H page is available for reading, but reading the A2H page returns an error. You need just import a vendor code into the software or edit a generic code from the module, then press Write button to write to such modules. The coding board returns WRITE OK response when the write successfuly done.

You can use the transceiver with updated vendor code after that!

Coding write-protected transceivers

In accordance with the MSA SFF-8472 specification, DDM capable transceivers can be write protected and require entry a 4 byte password to unlock the memory before write any change.

Such modules operate under the control of a special microcontroller, which emulates an EEPROM chip and provides write functionality in I2C slave mode. Also, it can work as a buffer for EEPROM and control Write Protect pin of the memory chip.An attempt to write to such a transceiver without a password or with an incorrect password returns an error - WRITE FAIL.

The software SFPTotal Wizard supports the function to change a write settings and makes able to set a password value to unlock the memory before saving new changes.In addition, the software allows to create complex programming algorithms in the form of scripts. It makes possible to code transceivers that require factory coding method what is incompatible with specification MSA.